John J Leary
The Irish: Our History

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This study of the Irish people traces their roots from ancient times to their exodus to America and other lands after their country was devastated by the mid-nineteenth century Potato Famine. It is a poignant story of a race that once had its own kings, queens, and noble families. The book answers the questions of Irish-Americans who want to know more about their heritage and why they came to America.

When the terrible potato blight struck the island, some one million died of starvation and disease. Another million headed for the port cities where they boarded ships for America and other havens around the world. In America, they first encountered bigotry and discrimination, but the Catholic education system they established enabled them to educate their children for a new life. Many of the Irish entered the professions and politics and in 1960, one of their sons, Sean Mac Gearailt O Cinneide, was elected President of the United States.